This website is part of an investigation into various aspects of music perception and cognition. Collecting data from around the world can help to illuminate these issues by revealing how different aspects of music perception vary with culture, age, musical training, and other factors. By taking part in our study you can provide us with some of this data.

The success of our experiments depend on the participation of a significant number of people of varying backgrounds. We would greatly appreciate any links to our website from external sites.


Anyone 18 years or older may participate in our studies. You can choose to take part in any of the experiments listed. The length of each experiment is indicated in the brief description. Participation is completely voluntary. Although your data will be most useful if you complete the entire test, you are free to stop at any time and have no obligation to answer all the questions if you do not wish to. You will also have the option of withdrawing your data if you do not wish it to be used (via the feedback form). Your responses are anonymous.

About Us

The authors of the website are Mary Farbood and David Rytzarev. For more information about us and our collaborators who contributed experiments to this site, please visit our researcher bio page.

Technical Note

This site is in a constant state of improvement and development. We would appreciate any feedback due to technical problems, in particular, information on web browsers and operating systems when problems occur. Unfortunately, there are countless combinations of browsers, versions, and operating systems. As such, it is difficult to test on all platforms. Currently we have reports of technical issues for Safari version 6.1.5 on Mac OS X 10.8.5 and old versions of Internet Explorer (e.g., version 7 on Windows XP).

Current Studies

This page lists the music and auditory perception and cognition experiments currently running. Feel free to take any or all of the studies listed below. If an experiment requires participants to have a particular type of musical background or musical training, it will be indicated in the introductory text.

A short musical background questionnaire, sound test, and language understanding test will precede the experiments. If you would like to participate in multiple experiments, you only need to complete the questionnaires once as long as you do not close your browser window.

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