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Morwaread Farbood is an Assistant Professor in the Music Technology program at New York University. Her research focuses primarily on the real-time aspects of music listening, in particular how emergent phenomena such as tonality and musical tension are perceived, in addition to computer applications for facilitating musical creativity that are based on cognitive models. More

David Rytzarev is a software developer with over 10 years of engineering and technology experience. He is also a musician who is particularly interested in exploring various aspects of rhythm perception and cognition. In line with his overall interest in clinical research and healthcare, David has recently become a medical school student. He hopes to continue finding ways of applying technology in research in the future.


Ève Poudrier (spontaneous grouping study) is an Assistant Professor of Music Theory at the University of British Columbia. Her ongoing research projects include research on polymeter in contemporary musical practices and empirical studies in the perception and cognition of complex rhythmic structures, in particular questions pertaining to expertise and attention. More

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